Concert Review 4: 10 Years

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Congratulations to Thomas for winning the From Ashes to New signed cd.

Bio: 10 Years was formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1999.  10 Years song “Wasteland” was number 1 on the active radio billboard for 12 months!!!!  10 Years has many hits including “Wasteland”, “Beautiful”, “Novacaine”, and “Shoot it Out”.  One of my favorite things about this band is that every music video takes a big stand on a current social issue we have.

Opener:  From Ashes to New is an American rock band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  They currently have one album out called “Day One”.  This album includes there hit song “Through it All” and has a couple good album cuts including “Downfall” the album hit number 2 on Hard rock billboard.  There new album “The Future” will be out April 20th of this year.  There a fun band if you haven’t heard them yet you should check out “Through it All”.

Show:  8/10

From Ashes to New is a great opening band, they are very energetic and give it there all.  From Ashes to New sings all there hit songs and interacts very well with the crowd.

10 Years live at this show is great.  They do a cover song from Nirvana which sounds like if Tool did a cover of a Nirvana song.  They did a different version of “Wasteland” and I like when bands try new things so to me it worked well.  10 Years sang every hit they have and when your at the show you will be thinking to yourself “Hey, I forgot about this song” and you will do that over and over again and enjoy your self.  10 Years has been around for longer then you think they have been, here is a fun fact about how old 10 Years is: 10 Years released an album on Myspace which is a phrase I haven’t said in at least 10 years.

Album: 3/10

From Ashes to New album has about 2.5 songs that I thought were tolerable and that’s it I was not impressed with the album.


I recommend seeing the show fo’ show and definitely not the From Ashes to New album I have not heard the 10 Years album yet.

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