K. Flay

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Bio: K. Flay A.K.A. Kristine Meredith Flaherty is a multi nominated Grammy artist.  She was nominated for best engineered album and for best rock song of 2017.  Her song Blood in the Cut was the song nominated for the Grammys and she more then deserved both Grammy nominations.  K. Flay was born in Illinois and in 2004 she started her music career little known fact is that she went to Stanford and was double majoring in psychology and sociology s   K. Flay is currently under a record deal with Interscope records if you are not familiar with them they signed amazing bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Kendrick Lamar, and Elton John.  K. Flay is an alternative hip hop group and she sounds different then anything I’ve ever heard.

Album:  10/10

Every Where is Somewhere album released in 2017.  Includes her hit songs “Blood in the Cut” and “High Enough” both reaching the top 25 hit list.  Album to me is greatest album of 2017 great all the way through and I have heard the album at least 15 times now and still can’t wait to hear it again.  I am a big fan of album cuts and with great songs like “Dreamers” and “Champagne” I will never get enough of this album.

Stage show: 10/10

The stage show is something completely different then what I have seen before… And I loved it.  The best way to describe the show is somewhere in between a hip hop show and a classic rock show.  They do drum and guitar solos while also singing in a hip hop fashion to amazing lighting.  She can control the entire room the second she walks out.  K. Flay played for an hour and twenty minutes and I couldn’t believe that it was that long, the show felt short in a good way. She has a great drummer his name is Will Baldocchi, he is the drummer of Suspect and is endorsed by the great Masters of Maple.

Overall: 10/10

You have to check this band out, overall great talent and album.  Check out the tour dates here (K. Flay tour).  At the date of this post they will be in another country and when they come back they will be on tour with 30 Seconds to Mars.  She is good enough to headline there own show so I can’t wait to see her again.

Recommend: A million times yes!!!!

Next week: 10 Years and From Ashes to New tour.


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