Concert Review 2: Judah & the Lion


Judah & the Lion started in Nashville the year 2011.  There big hits are “Rich Kids”, “Suit and Jacket” and depending when you read this “Going to Mars”.  If you have never heard of Judah and the Lion there pretty much a poor man’s Mumford and Sons with a bad twist of Hip Hop.  I do admittedly like the song of theirs “Take it all Back” which is also what they should do and take it all back to Nashville.

Show: 3/10

This band was okay a year ago when I saw them open for Incubus and I was excited to see them try headlining… boy was I wrong.  They have no real identity when they play shows and when they do covers it’s obvious that the singer can’t change his voice live.  Every musician is equally talented… A.K.A. not very talented.  There only decent songs are the 3 huge hits so there album cuts are not good I wouldn’t recommend spending time on there album.

Presence: 5/10

Judah and the Lion has a lot of energy which helps there show a little.  Like I said they are a decent opening band if they play 20 minutes and leave.  They have a lot of lights and they know how to move a crowd but they need to worry about playing good songs then making us like them because if they played good live then they wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Album: Don’t waste your time!!!

Overall: 3.5/10

Don’t waste your time and money even if your bored and desperate for new music. The album cuts  aren’t special there pretty much a product of over paid producers that know what we want to hear on singles and their singles aren’t even good enough to hold a show.  The only real redeeming quality about this band besides the cheap tickets is you can tell they enjoy performing so maybe in the future they have a chance but for now stay away from there shows.


Recommend:  Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll no.

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