Concert Review 1: Adelitas Way


The first band is Adelitas Way from Las Vegas.  I have seen Adelitas Way two times now, once at a festival and this time at the famous BLK live. This was my first time at BLK live though and it is one of the coolest venues.  The venue looks like it is straight out of a movie, it may holds 1,000 people and there is a pool in the middle of the general admission.  Adelitas Way puts on a great show; whether they are the opening act or headliner there energy is 100 percent. For my first official concert review I chose this band because they have huge hits I’m sure people have forgotten about like Invincible, Sick, and Criticize..  I would recommend this show for casual and hardcore Adelitas Way fans.

Stage show: 7/10

They had a lot of lights and they have great energy, the stage show is really good but both times I saw them the stage was very small so not much to do on a small stage except run back and forth and watch the drummer tear it up.

Songs: 7/10

They have about 5 or 6 huge hits that most people know.  There show was only 70 minutes long so they played every song I knew and probably 5 i didn’t with some solo’s.  They need more hit songs for the casual fan and if your a hardcore fan you probably want them to play more unknown songs.

Overall: 7.5/10

They sounded great and the venue was awesome just not a big fan of their non hit music so that limits there grade to me.  I would recommend their show to anyone wanting to see a good show, have a couple drinks, and see your friends.  This show probably won’t blow you out of the water but they are worth seeing once.


Recommended: Yes but don’t have huge expectations.

Adelitas tour dates If you are interested in there tour dates here is where you can find them.

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