Concert Review 4: 10 Years

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Bio: 10 Years was formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1999.  10 Years song “Wasteland” was number 1 on the active radio billboard for 12 months!!!!  10 Years has many hits including “Wasteland”, “Beautiful”, “Novacaine”, and “Shoot it Out”.  One of my favorite things about this band is that every music video takes a big stand on a current social issue we have.

Opener:  From Ashes to New is an American rock band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  They currently have one album out called “Day One”.  This album includes there hit song “Through it All” and has a couple good album cuts including “Downfall” the album hit number 2 on Hard rock billboard.  There new album “The Future” will be out April 20th of this year.  There a fun band if you haven’t heard them yet you should check out “Through it All”.

Show:  8/10

From Ashes to New is a great opening band, they are very energetic and give it there all.  From Ashes to New sings all there hit songs and interacts very well with the crowd.

10 Years live at this show is great.  They do a cover song from Nirvana which sounds like if Tool did a cover of a Nirvana song.  They did a different version of “Wasteland” and I like when bands try new things so to me it worked well.  10 Years sang every hit they have and when your at the show you will be thinking to yourself “Hey, I forgot about this song” and you will do that over and over again and enjoy your self.  10 Years has been around for longer then you think they have been, here is a fun fact about how old 10 Years is: 10 Years released an album on Myspace which is a phrase I haven’t said in at least 10 years.

Album: 3/10

From Ashes to New album has about 2.5 songs that I thought were tolerable and that’s it I was not impressed with the album.


I recommend seeing the show fo’ show and definitely not the From Ashes to New album I have not heard the 10 Years album yet.


K. Flay

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Bio: K. Flay A.K.A. Kristine Meredith Flaherty is a multi nominated Grammy artist.  She was nominated for best engineered album and for best rock song of 2017.  Her song Blood in the Cut was the song nominated for the Grammys and she more then deserved both Grammy nominations.  K. Flay was born in Illinois and in 2004 she started her music career little known fact is that she went to Stanford and was double majoring in psychology and sociology s   K. Flay is currently under a record deal with Interscope records if you are not familiar with them they signed amazing bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Kendrick Lamar, and Elton John.  K. Flay is an alternative hip hop group and she sounds different then anything I’ve ever heard.

Album:  10/10

Every Where is Somewhere album released in 2017.  Includes her hit songs “Blood in the Cut” and “High Enough” both reaching the top 25 hit list.  Album to me is greatest album of 2017 great all the way through and I have heard the album at least 15 times now and still can’t wait to hear it again.  I am a big fan of album cuts and with great songs like “Dreamers” and “Champagne” I will never get enough of this album.

Stage show: 10/10

The stage show is something completely different then what I have seen before… And I loved it.  The best way to describe the show is somewhere in between a hip hop show and a classic rock show.  They do drum and guitar solos while also singing in a hip hop fashion to amazing lighting.  She can control the entire room the second she walks out.  K. Flay played for an hour and twenty minutes and I couldn’t believe that it was that long, the show felt short in a good way. She has a great drummer his name is Will Baldocchi, he is the drummer of Suspect and is endorsed by the great Masters of Maple.

Overall: 10/10

You have to check this band out, overall great talent and album.  Check out the tour dates here (K. Flay tour).  At the date of this post they will be in another country and when they come back they will be on tour with 30 Seconds to Mars.  She is good enough to headline there own show so I can’t wait to see her again.

Recommend: A million times yes!!!!

Next week: 10 Years and From Ashes to New tour.


Concert Review 2: Judah & the Lion


Judah & the Lion started in Nashville the year 2011.  There big hits are “Rich Kids”, “Suit and Jacket” and depending when you read this “Going to Mars”.  If you have never heard of Judah and the Lion there pretty much a poor man’s Mumford and Sons with a bad twist of Hip Hop.  I do admittedly like the song of theirs “Take it all Back” which is also what they should do and take it all back to Nashville.

Show: 3/10

This band was okay a year ago when I saw them open for Incubus and I was excited to see them try headlining… boy was I wrong.  They have no real identity when they play shows and when they do covers it’s obvious that the singer can’t change his voice live.  Every musician is equally talented… A.K.A. not very talented.  There only decent songs are the 3 huge hits so there album cuts are not good I wouldn’t recommend spending time on there album.

Presence: 5/10

Judah and the Lion has a lot of energy which helps there show a little.  Like I said they are a decent opening band if they play 20 minutes and leave.  They have a lot of lights and they know how to move a crowd but they need to worry about playing good songs then making us like them because if they played good live then they wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Album: Don’t waste your time!!!

Overall: 3.5/10

Don’t waste your time and money even if your bored and desperate for new music. The album cuts  aren’t special there pretty much a product of over paid producers that know what we want to hear on singles and their singles aren’t even good enough to hold a show.  The only real redeeming quality about this band besides the cheap tickets is you can tell they enjoy performing so maybe in the future they have a chance but for now stay away from there shows.


Recommend:  Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll no.

Concert Review 1: Adelitas Way


The first band is Adelitas Way from Las Vegas.  I have seen Adelitas Way two times now, once at a festival and this time at the famous BLK live. This was my first time at BLK live though and it is one of the coolest venues.  The venue looks like it is straight out of a movie, it may holds 1,000 people and there is a pool in the middle of the general admission.  Adelitas Way puts on a great show; whether they are the opening act or headliner there energy is 100 percent. For my first official concert review I chose this band because they have huge hits I’m sure people have forgotten about like Invincible, Sick, and Criticize..  I would recommend this show for casual and hardcore Adelitas Way fans.

Stage show: 7/10

They had a lot of lights and they have great energy, the stage show is really good but both times I saw them the stage was very small so not much to do on a small stage except run back and forth and watch the drummer tear it up.

Songs: 7/10

They have about 5 or 6 huge hits that most people know.  There show was only 70 minutes long so they played every song I knew and probably 5 i didn’t with some solo’s.  They need more hit songs for the casual fan and if your a hardcore fan you probably want them to play more unknown songs.

Overall: 7.5/10

They sounded great and the venue was awesome just not a big fan of their non hit music so that limits there grade to me.  I would recommend their show to anyone wanting to see a good show, have a couple drinks, and see your friends.  This show probably won’t blow you out of the water but they are worth seeing once.


Recommended: Yes but don’t have huge expectations.

Adelitas tour dates If you are interested in there tour dates here is where you can find them.