The Naked and Famous Concert Review


The Naked and Famous at the Wiltern, March 21 2012

This is my first concert review for The Naked and Famous.  Although I respect the the opening bands, Now,Now and The Vacationers, there was too much waiting around to get to the main act. The Naked and Famous did not come on until 11pm. Luckily their great stage show kept me up and then some. Their sold out show at The Wiltern last night had no shortage of modern indie panache and timeless arena-ready bombast. In essence, it’s the balance between intriguing, irresistible songwriting and explosive presence that makes the Auckland, New Zealand quintet so undeniable.

As the lights went off on a crowd teeming with anticipation, a massive light wall flashed in tandem to drummer Jesse Wood’s tribal beats during “All of This”. Strobes flickered and lasers blazed, elevating the venue to an otherworldly plane where The Naked & Famous run free and rule everything.

From where I was sitting everything was perfect, the lights, the instruments and the performance. What did lack was the ability to hear the singers. It did not seem to mind those around me since they were singing along with them at the top of their lungs. Their sound is a mix between NIN and Foster for the People.

If only the mics worked this show would have been on the top of my list. As always the Wiltern is an amazing venue.

Set List

All Of This

Punching In A Dream


The Sun




No Way


Jilted Lovers

A Wolf In Geek’s Clothing

Girls Like You




Young Blood

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